A Torah study group meets every Saturday morning.  In addition to studying the Tanach, they have studied portions of the Talmud and have had a few discussions concerning the Kabala.  Our High Holiday services are led by the same couple as on our third weekend Shabbat services.  We have Yiskor services several times a year.  We also provide the religious programs for Passover and other Jewish holidays. 

Beginning January 2020 Rabbi Norman Roman joined BSTC as the congregation's Rabbi.

The ritual committee welcomes all who enter our doors.


Ritual Committee

The Ritual Committee has the awesome task of organizing religious activities at BSTC.  Our temple membership is unusual as it has representation of individuals from Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Reconsructionist and secular backgrounds.  We therefore have felt it is our responsibility to provide services that will appeal to our varied congregation. 

At this time we conduct Sabbath services on the first Friday and third Friday of each month, and the second Saturday of the month.  Our prayer book is the new Reform siddur, “Mishkan T’Filah.”