Beth Shalom Temple Center Library…Then and Now

Shortly after the Temple addition was completed, Ruth and Norm Gosman assembled a team of volunteers to sort through what had been a motley collection of books jam-packed on the wall of the sanctuary. The remaining books were categorized and shelved. 

The group of women running the boutique at the time took a carload of books to Bookman’s and turned the vouchers they received over to Sonny Foigelman.  A book allowance allocated to the library by Alan Lowe put us on the fast track to where we are at this point. 

Our hardworking aesthetics committee transformed the library into a place of beauty and serenity. No more was it a repository for everything and anything! 

Humor, Fiction, Yiddish and Jewish thought and customs seem to be the favorite choices of our congregants. Rest assured that more will be done to keep the library user friendly and up to date. 

Our Congregation is very fortunate to have Jane Gold as our librarian.

Library Committee