The Aesthetics Committee (along with the Gallery), is comprised of no fewer than five member-volunteers, and charged with creating a harmonious and beautiful atmosphere for the Temple and its grounds, working in tandem with the Landscape committee. It is to review building projects and any others that make functional and/or decorative changes to our surroundings. The Aesthetics Committee is to oversee the Anonymous’ Special Projects and Aesthetics Fund and make recommendations to the Board about its use.

Committees that have projects which impact the aesthetics of the sanctuary, building, or grounds, must send proposals in writing to the Aesthetics Committee for approval prior to any action. The proposals are to contain specific information on the project: sponsored by which committee; the total cost; preferably pictures or drawings of the design; where the quote was obtained; and how long the project will take to complete. The Aesthetics Committee will consider the proposal. If approved by a majority of its members, only then will the proposal be sent to the Board for its ultimate approval, after the Board has received the requisite three bids.

It is the responsibility of the Aesthetics Committee to oversee the neatness of the facilities. There is a bulletin board and rack in the lobby reserved for notices and papers. Other committees may be required to return to the Temple when their activities create clutter, such as posters, banners, and decorations that were not removed after an event, pamphlets left on tables, or chairs disarranged.

No donations, affecting the décor or design of the Temple or grounds, may be made without prior consultation and approval by the Aesthetics Committee. This includes, but is not limited to, donations of pictures, furniture, plants, decorative or ritual objects, and textiles. Should the Aesthetics Committee wish to dispose of any Temple property because of replacement or duplication, approval from the Board must be received.

It is the intention of the Aesthetics Committee to make the Temple and its grounds a welcoming, pleasing and comfortable place for all to worship and enjoy.

Aesthetics Committee